On their return to Kenya,  Bishop Thomas  and Rebecca Imende served as  Senior Pastor at the Mariakani Christian Centre in Nairobi before the Lord called them to start New Hope Outreach Ministries in 1990. The journey of New Hope Outreach Ministries started in a very humble, yet miraculous way. When the Imendes left Mariakani Christian Centre they moved from place to place pitching tents and renting meeting rooms to share the Word of God. All this time they were trusting God to provide  land so that they could build a church to cater for the growing needs of the people whom they were serving.

Bishop Imende went to Bishop Arthur Kitonga’s office to discuss the matter with him. To his surprise Bishop Kitonga informed him that he was taking a delegation of women to meet with the president of Kenya the very next day and would request that Bishop Imende accompany the delegation. During the visit he was invited to pray.

After the meeting he presented the former president, Daniel arap Moi with his written request for allocation of land for a church. The President said, "New Hope?

That is exactly what this country and city needs!" and without further discussion, the President stamped the letter, approving the request for land immediately. That is how the Imendes were allocated the land New Hope Ministries is headquartered. Of course it took more than a year of following up with the Ministry of Lands to formally get the papers but, thanks be to God, they finally did.

New Hope Outreach Ministries services started in a small old rented tent, which the Imendes used to pitch every Saturday evening in preparation for the Sunday service. If it rained on Friday or Saturday before they had pitched the tent the cotton soil would become wet and sticky.

When one would sit on the metal chairs they would sink about three to four inches into the ground. Pastor Rebecca remembers a lady whose chair sank so deep in the soil that she was so embarrassed thinking that it was because of her weight! Many times members of the congregation would have to move around on the grass to find a less soggy spot that would hold their chairs. That old rented small tent was quite a challenge.