Daughters of Excellence

  • NHOM Daughters of Excellence

Daughters of excellence

The Daughters of Excellence ministry was created in order to reach out to women and provide them with opportunities to minister through the Church. These women provide direction and vision, organise, coordinate and oversee the women's ministries in the Church.

This ministry is headed by Mrs. Debbie Kasura

The Daughters of Excellence:

  • Meet regularly with women ministries and leaders in NHOM to praise, challenge, discuss projects and progress, provide solutions and new ideas to encourage women to achieve their full potential.
  • Talk and discuss with women about their concerns, needs, educational/health related issues, and promote a sense of unity by meeting monthly.
  • Coordinate and participate in special event programs and activities for women and plan annual events and trips where inspirational women speakers are invited.
  • Pray regularly for the women of the Church, uplift mothers and share their concerns, encourage all women to participate in missions, such as local shelters for abused or homeless women and children, orphanages and after-school programs.