Home Fellowship

Home fellowship is where people gather in homes to share the word of God, encourage and strengthen each other and fellowship with each other. We have several homes  in our different communities that hold daily bible studies attended by neighbors, friends, and families.

It's a time when we reach out to our own neighborhood to share their needs and burdens, and offer prayer, encouragement, and comfort. For more details please contact our church office.

The vision for the home fellowships is:

  • To fellowship with one another
  • To grow and mature as Christians
  • To reach out to new people


Currently we have home fellowships in the following places:

1. Siwaka Estate - Contact Mr. Kirinda

2. Jogoo Road - Contact Mr. Habu

3. Highrise - Contact Mr Tim 

If you wish to lead or host a home fellowship in your area kindly get in touch with Mr. Timothy Kwabi.