Men of Honor

The main focus of NHOM men is stated as "Men Reaching Men for Christ".

  • 'Badge' to be used on special occasions
  • Initiate a medium of communication to cover church activities.
  • Identify talents from members and guide them to action.
  • Plan business breakfasts and open discussion meetings. (Devotion, sermonette, lectures and breakfast)
  • Home to home prayer visits. (Prayer, sharing a meal and open discussions


  • Older men exchange ideas with younger men
  • Married men exchange ideas with single men
  • Men hold a forum for understanding with youth based on selected real life issues
  • Men lead one church service in a year
  • Men participate in ushering and other ministries in the Church


Purpose, individual growth

Prayer meetings, searching the scriptures and listening to invited motivational speakers



  • Organise a day out
  • Serve the whole church with free lunch once a year
  • Join a social group on the internet


Review welfare options and  share investment options.



To be conscious of keeping time. Arrive on time for our meetings and make sure meetings end on time. Effectiveness, efficiency and controls are the secrets behind time management.


As men we want to identify and tap all individual talents and professions, put them to good use so that we may be able to set up business through SACCOs. Our aim is to empower men economically.


To become our brother's keeper through fellowship during breakfast meetings, home visits and general open interactions.