Ushering Ministry

The ushering ministry being the most visible ministry in our church plays a key role in ensuring effectiveness in the ministration of the word of God. Always serving with smile, the team works heartedly to create a Conducive environment for effective worship. The team focuses on maintaining order whilst the church is in progress. Security, safety and calmness inside and outside the house of God before, during and after the service are also priorities of ushering team.

Mrs Maureen Senser Ouna serves as the leader with a team of more than 15 ushers.

Activities include;

  • Preparation of all the services – Cleaning, Wiping chairs and informing the administration in case of any breakages
  • Welcome and seat people in the house of God orderly
  • Hand out to members of the congregation, tithe and offering envelopes
  • Guide, help and direct visitors and anyone else who needs help
  • Record worship attendance both Sunday and mid-week services
  • Be alert for any emergency that may arise. Attempt to relieve the need or contact the person(s) needed to provide the proper assistance.
  • Provide parking lot attendance and assistance when needed
  • Notify the leader of service or pastor any special guests in attendance or testimonies


Our goal is to serve the body of Christ from the overflow of a deep and continual relationship with Jesus Christ and always feeding on the joy of the Lord to serve and ensuring that people see and experience love at all times.